I appreciate Naomi’s holistic approach to health. She begins her sessions by checking in on your overall mental, physical, and emotional health, and then often gives a fresh perspective on the matters at hand—even before the healing session begins.

She is well-read, well-trained, and highly experienced in the healing arts. She has beautiful, calm energy, and her angelic touch takes away any heaviness or stress that you may have brought in with you.

She is a mentor, a guide, and a grounding presence for all. She helps uncover and remove energetic blockages so you can see your path more clearly. She helps you believe in yourself and in your innate power.

I always look forward to my monthly sessions with Naomi because I know that I’ll feel infinitely better, and I also know that she’ll inspire me with some new tidbit that I can research and explore on my own.

Aimee Meyer

Naomi is amazing…

Over the past 12 years, Naomi has provided readings for me in my evolutionary process, to address various challenges and situations in my life, on both a personal and professional level.  Each time, Naomi provided insight into each issue, provided input regarding ways to “reframe” a situation to address the challenges that were presenting, which enabled me to analyze and process to move forward with positive outcomes.

Naomi has an amazing ability to communicate to provide understanding the root cause of a challenge or situation and creates a clear picture of the past, present and future, with thoughtful suggestions toward resolution and outcomes.

Naomi has amazing intuitive skills and is a caring practitioner.


Naomi has been doing healing work on me for years. I feel so blessed to have such a bright, gentle and loving person take care of me. After a session, I feel like I have been wrapped in love and healing. She has helped me through some major life events. She also has worked on my dad. That was a miracle healing and spiritual blessing as my dad was very ill and in pain. As Naomi worked on my dad, my brother and I saw immediate peace come to him. We will never forget how she brought him peace and love. I highly recommend her.

Sandy D.

Naomi is my “go to” person for clairvoyant readings. I’ve been to a lot of intuitive readers before, but Naomi seems to be able to piece things together in a unique sort of way so I can clearly see the big picture. She has seen past life images of me and other pictures that have helped me to understand my life experiences in a meaningful way. Since I started receiving readings from Naomi, I’ve also been able to release a lot of anxiety and emotional baggage. I believe her readings have actually made me a stronger, more confident person. Naomi, you are a true gift!


I have had several healing sessions and readings with Naomi over the last couple of years. Her reading sessions are phenomenal because they’re filled with amazing details and so accurate. The healings I have received from Naomi are truly life-changing. She possesses such power and is able to channel healing energy over to you in a way that is totally relaxing and comforting. She truly has a special gift in her abilities to heal you and to help you find your way when you’re stuck. I would highly recommend Naomi to anyone who needs healing or guidance.

Michele S.

Naomi, the healing session I had with you was incredible and indescribable. I’m still reeling from its impact. As I shared with you, I don’t know anything about energy healing but was referred to you by a close friend. It came at an unexpected time, but in hindsight, it was the perfect time. I’m so grateful that I overcame my fear and trusted my instincts. Your warmth and kindness and soothing voice immediately put my mind at ease. The way I felt, I could have been talking to a close friend. I was so relaxed during the healing session that I almost fell asleep, but I knew something was happening in and around me. As you worked on me, I could feel tingling around my feet and head and a lightness in my body that I haven’t felt in years. I wasn’t expecting you to share energy healing techniques with me but I am so thankful that you did so I can practice them on my own. I’ll be back to you very soon for more good healing and more energy healing lessons. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Jeri A., Citrus Heights, CA


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