Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates


Treat someone special to a Gift Certificate for an Energy Healing session or an Intuitive Reading.

Simply select an amount for a specific service as listed below or indicate an amount of your own choosing. Then, select one of the several designs available in the image gallery to your left. Click on any one of the images to view them in full via a “lightbox”; then click the Choose Design button to make your selection. The image you pick will appear directly above the dollar amount selected. This can be done numerous times so have fun customizing your gift.

Once you’re happy with the design selected, complete the form fields below it. Please note your message appears just below the “Your Gift Certificate Code” placeholder.

Once complete, your gift will be sent by email either immediately or on a future date. To select a future date, click the Postpone delivery checkbox. A form field will open. Place your cursor in the field and a calendar will appear. Choose a future date you want to have the Gift Certificate sent.

This page is the “preview” for the Gift Certificate amount, design, message and delivery date so be sure to review your entries to confirm accuracy before you click Add to cart. Once that’s done, you’ll be taken directly to the top of the page to a View Cart button. Click View Cart. Once there, follow the prompts through to payment.


  • Integrative Healing Therapy Session – 60 minutes: $80.00
  • Integrative Healing Therapy Session and Consult – 90 minutes: $115.00
  • Integrative Healing Therapy Session and Consult – 120 minutes: $155.00
  • Integrative Healing Therapy Session Package – Three 60-minute sessions: $200.00
  • Intuitive Reading – 45 minutes: $80.00
  • Intuitive Reading – 60 minutes: $95.00
  • Intuitive Reading – 30 minutes, $55.00
  • Intuitive Reading – 15 minutes, $25.00

Select Amount

Use the drop down box to select the Gift Certificate amount you want to purchase. It will appear in the Gift Certificate preview below. If you are selecting a particular service, you may want to indicate what it is in your message.

The main image for the gift card
Your Gift Certificate Code: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx
Your message...
Gift card design
Gift card details


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