Mission, Vision, Goals And Values

Mission, Vision, Goals And ValuesSoul2Soul Healer Mission, Vision and Goals

My Mission:

To be a conduit for transformational healing and an instrument for evolutionary growth and spiritual development

My Vision:

To inspire and empower humanity to achieve healing, wellness, and their divine purpose through expanded consciousness

My Goals:

  • To promote multi-dimensional healing by restoring balance between body, mind, spirit, and soul
  • To help others remember that they are a powerful force in their own healing
  • To be an instrument for evolutionary growth and spiritual development through education, information, empowerment
  • To provide clients with a soul-to-soul perspective of their spiritual journey
  • To teach clients skills to develop/enhance their own self-care practice
  • To nourish the soul through inspiration, encouragement, and hope

My Values:

  • Love: to deliver healing and guidance from an infinite field of love and compassion
  • Honor: to honor the innate abilities of others to affect their own healing and the direction of their spiritual journey
  • Integrity: to demonstrate professionalism and to follow ethical standards of conduct


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Phone: 916-952-6001
Email: info@soul2soulhealer.com

Rise Wellness
7385 Greenhaven Drive, #5
Sacramento, CA 95831


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