Healing Modalities

Healing ModalitiesHealing Modalities

A healing modality is simply a method or procedure that is used to facilitate healing in the energy body. There are a variety of healing modalities that a healer can draw upon to address the energetic connections between the mind, body, spirit, and soul and to promote balance among them. Here is a brief description of the energy modalities I use to promote transformational healing in the energy body.

Metatronian HealingMetatronia Therapy® is a metaphysical healing system—an ancient sacred resonance of the highest order. It is an evolutionary healing vibration and transformational system brought to us by Archangel Metatron, using his healing vibration, energy codings, and sacred geometry. Metatronia Therapy® facilitates your own healing process by opening up your energy field and connecting you with outer dimensional vibrations and energy codings that assist the human vessel to heal on multiple levels.




Carniosacral SystemCranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle, light-touch therapy that involves evaluating and enhancing the Craniosacral System, the environment in which the brain and spinal cord function. CST uses the rhythm of the Craniosacral System to detect and balance restrictions that can cause pain and dysfunction throughout the body.





Therapeutic TouchTherapeutic Touch is a nursing intervention used to facilitate relaxation, reduce anxiety and stress symptoms, and assist with pain management and wound healing. It is based on the premise that pain, anxiety, illness, injury, or surgery can disrupt the smooth flow of energy throughout the body. Therapeutic Touch involves moving the hands a few inches above the body, or placing them lightly on the body, in order to assess and balance the client’s flow of energy.




Chakra BalancingChakra Balancing is a healing modality that helps to maintain the health of the seven major chakras in the physical body. Chakras are energy centers that organize, monitor and balance the flow of energy moving throughout the physical body. When these life force centers become imbalanced, they can affect the health and vitality of the physical body. Chakra Balancing works to clear blocked or imbalanced chakras so that energy can flow freely throughout the physical and subtle energy bodies.




Clairvoyant HealingClairvoyant Healing involves the use of extrasensory means in the form of images or pictures to visualize and heal the aura, energy channels, and chakras. It can be used to transmute emotional pain or negative energies that are creating imbalances in the energy field. Clairvoyant healing can also occur during an intuitive reading.





Intuitive AssessmentIntuitive Assessment involves the use of a highly developed sense of intuition, which is accessed through images and pictures (clairvoyance), feelings (clairsentience), and direct knowing (claircognizance). Intuitive assessment can help the client see how they are using their energy and where they are experiencing energetic imbalances in the body. It can also help the client gain insight into situations that are preventing them from moving forward on their evolutionary path.





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